Fasten your Rebreathers tight and make sure your Rad Gear is up to spec!

Welcome to The Solarverse, intrepid Explorers

Travel With Us To A Land of Adventure

The Solarverse is a project that aims to give true utility to its NFTs and engage its community through various upcoming features and an engaging Metaverse experience. It is our belief that just as the Great Scientist said Mars was our future, so to is the Metaverse and NFTs. It is our mission to provide an exciting and immersive experience for our colonists.

Our RoadMap


Community Building

We'll be using various methods to spread the word about The Solarverse project and our team to build a supportive and friendly community of Colonists. This is where we will finalize the conditions of our first mint, actively look for talent amongst our community members, and hopefully bring many faces, both old and new in the NFT community along for the journey as we develop and expand the Solarverse.


Capitol Mint (District 5)

This will be the first mint of The Solarverse project, connecting the first Colonists with their homes and businesses. All proceeds of the first mint will be going towards further development of the main purpose of our project - an interactive map of Mars where holders can view their purchased assets in real time. This mint will be focusing on further growth of our project and our community to bring utility to our NFTs.


Varied Districts Minting
(1 - 4)

To maintain an aspect of realism, our team has divided Mars into respective districts, with each having its own utility and unique theme in the future we have planned for the project, as well as keeping in tune with the lore of The Solarverse. Proceeds from these mints will be used for further development of The Solarverse Live Map, giveaways for the community, and expansion into projects beyond the Live Map. By the end of the District 4 mint, we hope to have a beta version of our Live Map available for original project supporters and volunteers.


The Solarverse Live Map Launch

After beta testing of the Live Map is concluded, we will roll out the complete version to the remainder of The Solarverse community, as well as outline the remaining districts left on Mars to be minted and their respective utilities. Users will be able to view their purchased assets, interact with and upgrade them, and add modifications. Testing for map explorers will begin.


Varied Districts Minting (6-9, Arctic)

These will be the final stages of minting for Mars, filling the remainder of the districts and the ice caps with their respective properties, themes, and utilities. By the end of the Arctic mint, we hope to have map explorers and their respective features ready for launch.


The Solarverse Map Explorer Launch

Users will now have their own unique map explorer in our interactive map, with the ability to use pre-built infrastructure to travel between districts and interact with other players, offering a true Metaverse experience to our community. We have additional plans to add an aspect of community governance at this stage, but we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise…


DEX Features

We intend to use proceeds from past mints for research and development of a DEX for The Solarverse, complete with staking, borrowing/lending, an audit, and other goodies. Again, we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.


The Future of The Solarverse

Humans are known to always find a way. If the Great Scientist was able to guide us to a thriving civilization on the deserts of Mars, who knows where our journey into The Solarverse will take us…

Do you have what it takes to grab a hold of the red planet ?

If so, hold on tight and join us in The Solarverse, it's going to get rocky!

Meet Our Founders

Meet our team of founders, working to bring The Solarverse and
its secrets to life...
Will you dive into the unexplored?

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